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What can you eat with $3 today?

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Foodcourt chains like Koufu, Food republic and Kopitiam have changed the hawker landscape so much these days and have also pushed up the cost of food altogether. Granted, that they bring more comfort and hygiene to traditional hawker centres but the increase in prices hardly justify the supposed upgrades.

KF Seetoh from Makansutra recently posted a rather alarming article about the hidden costs of the Government's new social enterprise hawker centres which are touted as supposedly good for hawker tenants and us. But the additional costs plus the need to keep their food at low prices seemingly makes it unsustainable. Either way, we can conclude that the older NEA run hawker centres might be a vanishing trade. Troubling indeed.

Just today, I ordered a Jia Jia liang teh at Lau Pa Sat run by Kopitiam and it costs $2! (If you have the kopitiam card it is $1.60, but still). I ended up having a meal that costs $6.21 (with kopitiam card discount). Anyway, there was no air-conditioning but maybe the prices are jacked up to fleece tourists. I couldn't help but notice some stalls were empty or closed. The rent must not be cheap there.

Add a dollar to that drink I had and make it $3 I can already eat a decent meal elsewhere.

You might ask, what can one get for $3 these days?

$3 can get you one of these at a place I frequent. I usually eat a lot and I have to search for more value for money options unless the situation does not allow me to do so. This is an example of what I might have on a regular evening (yes 2 servings of food because I really eat a lot and have to find good bargains so I do not eat a hole in my wallet).

$3 - Roasted meat rice (comes with complimentary soup of the day)
$3 - Roasted chicken rice (comes with complimentary soup of the day)

For this particular stall, the serving is quite generous and the food is quite delicious. I guess the pictures below with the queue speak for itself.

A lot of older folks patronise this stall because it represents value for money. A rare find in nearby Westmall and other coffeeshops nearby where the cheapest meal will be $3.50 or more.

$3 might still get us food like this today, but nobody can guarantee that they will still be here tomorrow. Unless we are some Crazy Rich Asian, I think these kind of $3 food will go a long way to help our wallets and ultimately our investing journey.

Venue: S-11 Bukit Batok Food House. (640 Bukit Batok Central)

Do share with me what you can eat with $3!

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