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8 Jan: Portfolio/ Work Outlook 2020 & interesting reads (8th Jan)


24 Nov: Nov Update: Sold Japfa, added AIMS reit and thoughts on company trip 😛
14 Nov: There are some things more important than money.. it is our lives.
1 Oct: Couple Money Expectations: How do you and your spouse/partner match up?
31 Aug: Invited by NTUC to a Retirement Adequacy/CPF Group Discussion
10 Aug: Budgeting: Why I refuse to spend >30min per month to track expenses

27 Jul: Goal Setting: Why it matters in investing (and everything else)
29 Jun: Retrenchment and the 25% pay increase that I did not ask for
9 Jun: June 2019 mid-year review: Lessons in my journey so far
5 May: Why we should keep our Resume updated, always. (Always plan, might get headhunted)
9 Apr: I'm retrenched: 3 things to think about (Wow, my whole department now closing)

31 Mar: Investing in our Career (Taking care of the goose) (Company layoff in Dec)
24 Feb: When investments go south: Painful lessons to learn (MLMs... to Hyflux)
3 Feb: Jan 2019 look-back: Defensive stocks and short term trading strategies
22 Jan: What an ex-insurance agent will tell you about Insurance agents/companies


20 Dec: 2018 Year End Review
23 Nov: Interview process cycle: How to increase your interview rates

31 Oct: SGX Bull challenge Final Result: Key takeaways (I failed miserably as a newbie)
6 Oct: Class divide. Yes, but don't let it become your excuse. (Don't play the victim!)
2 Oct: Time = Money? And Health is Wealth?

16 Sep: What can you eat with $3 today?
20 Aug: Market Depth Analysis: Bid and Ask Volumes
17 Aug: Challenged by friend: SGX Bull Charge Stock Challenge
16 Aug: The ONE thing schools fail to teach us

22 Jul: If you spend what you earn, you need to read this!
6 Jul: Investing: Have a plan and stick to it. (Have your own plan and not waver at others' noise)
5 Jun: Major Red Flags for MLMs: Avoid at all cost!
3 Jun: My first mistakes in this investment journey

5 Apr: The 3 not so wise decisions Graduates make with money
24 Mar: The TRAP of the modern credit card.
14 Mar: The Socio-Economic Status that got every Singaporean so triggered
2 Mar: My mum spends $600+ a month on gambling, and she tells me she has no money!

24 Feb: K.C. Saves Money K.C. eats: Bukit Timah Food Centre (Food is my main expenditure)
21 Feb: Budget 2018: What's in it for the average Singaporean?
10 Feb: My 3C Money/ Investing Philosophy (Cost, CashFlow, Career)
10 Feb: How this Blog came to be - My Story
6 Feb: Someday, I will look back to this day… (The day I decided to start planning)


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