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Hello 🙂

I'm K.C. and welcome to my page: "30 Year Old Investor". (Currently, closer to being a 40 year old investor 😂 at age 36)

Everyone has a story, and here is mine. 

I started the blog on the backdrop of a few life events (Short version):
1. Dad's terminal illness and death exposing me and my family's weakness in financial concepts
2. A failed insurance business attempt at graduation
3. Like-minded friends challenging my limits to do better in life and learning about investing together

This pages exists for me to track my personal growth and I welcome you to journey with me and share your ideas with me. 

I hope that this blog gives me a platform to learn and challenges me to be accountable for what I am doing financially. Mistakes will definitely be made along the way while I learn and pick up more valuable skills in terms of managing personal finance and investing. One key ingredient of a successful investor / trader would be always to keep a humble spirit to learn and never think we are always right. When we recognise that we are fallible and could be erroneous in our methods and philosophy, we can always maintain a learning spirit.

My eventual aim is to reach financial stability where me and my family do not have to worry about money. I will live and plan within my means. (Long story below)

K.C. visited the recent 2018 REITs symposium and found that when you look from the back, there seems to be more older folks than young guns? There was even a man who look like in his 60s on a E-scooter!

My Financial Goals are to:
1. Ensure positive cash flow.
2. Gain assets (stocks and reits) that generate passive income.
3. Live simply within my means

My (Long) Story

My personal finance journey has not been easy. Growing up, it didn't take me long to realise that my family was not doing as well financially as my peers. By secondary school, me and my sister had both decided that the way out of "poverty" was to study hard and get to a local university. That, we thought would be the ticket to a world of riches. 

And today we have achieved that: my sister has a Masters and I have a Degree. However, not all the decisions we made along the way were to the best of our situation. This was mainly because of a lack of access to information. As such, we always made decisions in imperfect knowledge much to our detriment.

We may not earn alot but we ought to still plan for our finances because not planning it and leaving to chance will make us to be always at the mercy of circumstances. I wish someone taught me earlier.

Dad's terminal illness and passing hit the 24 year old me hard.

For example, we didn't have any concept of insurance nor planning financially (not just insurance). This was until my Dad came down with terminal illness and passed away. The experience hit my family hard but was a close shave because the saving Grace was that he had a Private Medishield Plan. This saved my family from a certain financial disaster from coping with his illness.

This is why I went into the insurance business for two years believing it was a meaningful business (I am currently no longer in the insurance field and have since returned to the Chemistry field in the Oil and Gas sector.) I still continue to share the awareness and continue to advocate the need for insurance - except this time, I don't require anyone to buy anything from me. I shall have no bias as well as conflict of interest that plagued much of my insurance career and sanity.

Please, separate insurance from investments. 

I almost certainly do not advocate using Insurance as investment tools other than in a few exceptional cases as well because of the costs involved compared to a prudent financial strategy by your own investment. Perhaps, if you feel rich to make others rich and have extra money, that is okay. But for most of us, this is a luxury we do not have. The amount of money we can earn in our lifetime is limited: therefore, how we utilise it is exposed to opportunity cost.

Proverbs 10:4 says:

"Lazy hands make for poverty,
    but diligent hands bring wealth."

I'm going to say this:


Learn to manage your own money and your future self will thank you.

Only we ourselves can have no conflict over our money. We alone should be responsible for our own financial decisions. The decisions we make today will shape what happens tomorrow. Not making any decision is also a bad decision in itself. We reap what we sow and we cannot reap what we have not sown.

I too have made many financial decisions that haven't been totally sound in the past but I am now keen to set it right. Today, I am working in the Science field and building a career in the Energy sector. And my keen observational skills have served me well in the past 3 years. I believe that it is possible to get it right even though I am starting late.

At 30 Years Old, as a investor, I will now be spending most of my time on these:
1. Building my career: generate more income so it makes sense to invest time and effort to it.
2. Learning more about investing: to build a investment income stream as a secondary source of income

30 year old investor will be a web page dedicated to educate, share and discuss about money, saving and investing. I welcome you to share with me your insights in terms of handling money.

(updated Nov 2020)

- K.C.
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Disclaimer: The above information are for personal discussion purposes only and do not constitute financial advice. Do conduct your due diligence before making any financial decision. "30 Year Old Investor" shall not be liable for any loss or damage of any kind arising from the result of your reliance of the information contained on this site. 


  1. Hi 30yearoldInvestor

    I really like your story and how you have come up and even make a blog to start accounting for yourself.

    I'll add you to my blog roll and will read your post keep up the good work on writing and investing.

    1. Hi Brian,

      Thanks for the encouragement! Yea, I have to keep myself accountable now that it is out in the open hahaha


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