Friday 17 August 2018

Challenged by friend: SGX Bull Charge Stock Challenge

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Late last month, a friend challenged me to take part in this SGX Bull charge challenge where they give players a virtual capital of $50,000 and after 3 months, results would be tabulated to see who had raked in the most profit. The winner would have $10,000 donated to a charity of choice and a trophy. (And maybe some publicity for my fledgling blog) 🤣

If you trade/invest, you might want to follow this stock challenge as there are some really good investors like Brian from Forever Financial Freedom (Ranked 2nd after Day 1).

I am going to update my status and ranking on this page perhaps once a week:

The Full challenge can be found here:

To be honest, I was hesitant to uptake the challenge. My Financial Analysis/Technical Analysis skills are still quite some distance from where I want them to be. Surely I would be "thrashed" by the seasoned PROs over at Investing Note (a social media platform for Singapore investors). But I felt that this challenge would take me out of my comfort zone so, challenge accepted. 🔥

At Day 2, I'm ranked 24th out of 146. Not too bad huh. HAHAHA.

Not too shabby I hope. Hope to keep it up!

Lesson points so far:
Even before day 1 the preparations began and I wanted to formulate a strategy. These turned out to be a bit time consuming. Things I learnt so far include:

  • Looking at stocks in the SGX I never knew existed.
  • Looking at their Financials
  • Charting them to see if there are trends and trigger points
  • Looking at what everyone else is buying. 

So far I must say this challenge is pretty interesting for me. As a somewhat new investor, my capital is not much. Having virtual capital allowed me to test some of my strategies and positions. And also pushed me out of my comfort zone to make trades and follow through with a bit of fear, excitement and anticipation.

I'm quite excited to see how this competition unfolds.

Just going to challenge myself.

Until Next Time,

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